Canum Infotech: a leading digital security provider

Canum Infotech: a leading digital security provider

The Compliance dashboard is comprised of views with various InfoSec parameters, Analytics with continuous discovery to identify possible risk, policies and guidelines, including state changes for Assets to ensure protection and feeds to runtime operational metrics. The product of Canum Infotech ensures the basics to establish InfoSec management enablers and includes all the necessary components for ensuring compliance benchmarks with runtime risk analytics along with decision making.

The rise of Digital Transformation of Business and Data breaches has made cybersecurity more complex and more frequent with the advent of technology. Hackers find it easier to break through the weaknesses of the companies and access the confidential data. Canum Infotech was founded by Om Prakash Mishra in 2018 with the aim of providing world class digital and cybersecurity solutions powered by AI for the security of digital business across the globe. Mishra has 22 years of experience in Enterprise Digital Architecture, Cybersecurity, Customer advisory, and Full stack solutions implementation for scale.

Since the inception of Canum Infotech, Mishra has been working with huge clientele around the world with an aim to protect the computers, networks and software programs from cyber-attacks. Initially we started as a small team of Software Architects and now we have evolved into a team of cyber security experts, Automation, cloud services and Analytics and compliances from all over the world. It goes without saying that the risk of cyber-attacks is growing at a fast pace for companies and institutions. The organization's evolving threat can be a threat to the sensitive data of the organization. In order to be a reputed global leader in the digital industry, Cybersecurity comes into the picture and Canum Infotech by building and sustaining machine intelligence for autonomous systems. Canum Infotech focuses on every aspect of the organization, from marketing and sales of the product development and support. The team of Canum Infotech prioritizes customer's long-term success over short term goals under the leadership of Mr. Mishra. They commit to a set of values and instill them across the organization to enrich the leading experience with the customers. They listen to their clients and understand the customer's expectations and their perception, and they see the needs of their customers at every interaction with innovative and out of the box solutions. Canum Infotech creates an end to end solution for the customers across all layers of the platform stack.

In November 2018, Canum Infotech implemented innovations to their solutions by on-boarding their first customer in AIOPs where they supported their Client's AI-driven solutions that fuelled the power and scalability of Artificial Intelligence to automated end-to end user IT support for RPA operations and management.

With the help of the SOAR product, they can help organizations focus on their current strengths and opportunities by creating a vision of future aspirations and the desired result.

The plethora of solutions and services provided by Canum Infotech are included in the plethora of solutions and services provided by Canum Infotech.

Cloud services, CloudOps for Infra, Application Lifecycle Management, Support, Monitoring and more on major cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platforms.

- AI and Cybersecurity, which includes comprehensive security coverage for applications and infrastructure powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Security Architecture Consulting

Deep Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing

The arrival of the Coronaviruses has changed the face of the market as well as the products and services as well as the rise of technology and innovation. Consumer behaviour was changed as the world goes digital with a change in buying habits and how they interact with brands. Canum Infotech helps businesses optimize their online presence and improve the performance of the business.

The rapid digital transition of business since the arrival of the Pandemic has exposed many vulnerabilities that almost every organisation faces. Cyber risk is reported as the top global threat according to the report by the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2021. The digital transformation of business increased the business opportunities but protection from cybercrimes has become the need of the hour as it has created a greater risk of cross border cyber-attacks. Information security has been prioritized with the increase in phishing, social media hacking and ransomware organizations.

Mr. Mishra signs off by saying that our employees and clients are the most precious assets of Canum Infotech and we value both of them. I feel extremely grateful to my stakeholders for their contribution to making Canum Infotech one of the best Full-Stack Digital and Security solutions provider in Bangalore for Global customers. The full stack digital and cybersecurity solutions from Canum Infotech are powered by AI and come out on top. More details are available on com.