CES 2022: what to expect from the pared-down tech show

CES 2022: what to expect from the pared-down tech show

The CES 2022, one of the world's largest technology conventions, kicks off today and runs through Thursday in Las Vegas. Much of the show will take place away from the bright lights of The Strip and be live streamed on laptops and desktops around the world.

The Omicron variant has caused the likes of Intel, Google, and GM to host virtual press conferences rather than in-person events. The last day of the show was canceled by the Consumer Technology Association, which runs CES.

Although many participants will still participate in person, the show is unlikely to be the kind of tech extravaganza you would find prior to the epidemic.

There will be an impressive array of new and interesting products on display during the COVID-shortened show, which various companies are streaming for the public. From self-driving cars and massive new TVs to smart home gadgets, the metaverse and NFTs, CES 2022 will feature all of the latest tech to offer. Here is what to expect from one of the biggest tech shows of the year.

One of the biggest focuses of the show is the electric car race. CES is as much a car show as a technology show, and the same can be said of this year's pared down version of the event. In previous years, automakers from Hyundai to Fisker have shown off their high-tech autos and automotive concepts, and 2022 will be no different.

Expect to see GM GM roll out its highly anticipated electric Silverado pickup, which the company says will get a whopping 400 miles of range. The Silverado is coming to market with some serious competition in the form of Ford's F F-150 Lightning, which automaker says has nearly 200,000 preorders and goes on sale this year.

There is the Rivian RIVN RT 1, which should begin ending up in consumer driveways in March. And then there is Tesla's TSLA Cybertruck, which will begin production later this year.

Mercedes, with a claimed 620 miles of range per charge, debuted its new Vision EQXX concept on Monday.

It's not just about the vehicles, though. CES 2022 will give us a look at the technology behind future cars, including self-driving features, that will eventually ensure you can get from place to place without having to look at the road.

Cars may be the new stars of CES, but TVs are one of the most watched categories of products at the show. Where else can you get a look at some of the most impressive sets around?

This will be the 11th CES I've covered throughout my career, and each has showcased the latest and greatest TVs that the latest and greatest TVs have to offer.

This year, you will see a lot of news about 8 K sets, the next step up in resolution from 4 K for TVs. Here is the thing: Unless you are mounting a TV the size of a billboard in your home, or sitting so close to the screen, 8 K isn't for you. There is a little issue of 8 K content that is sorely lacking. We got a sizable amount of 4K content, and we only started getting a sizable amount of 4K content.

The high-end, mid-range, and entry-level TV makers are going to have a lot of innovations in the year 2022, though that will be aside from that. The company also launched a new battery-free remote that Samsung says can be charged via sunlight or by absorbing energy from a router's radio waves.

Expect to hear lots of chatter about display technologies, including OLED and micro LED, both of which promise better image quality than traditional LED panels. And don't rule out some slick new form factors. LG was previously showing its rollable TV at CES, while Samsung showed off its rotating TV during previous shows.

It's hard to imagine that Intel INTC AMD AMD Nvidia NVDA and Qualcomm QCOM will be in the virtual stage at CES 2022 and not debut some new chips. AMD is expected to debut its own graphics cards, while Nvidia could give us a look at its own beefy cards. Qualcomm could also give us a better idea of its augmented reality virtual reality and automotive strategies.

Gamers should also get some good news in the form of a slew of gaming PCs and hardware that are sure to leave players drooling.

In 2021, the metaverse and NFTs non-fungible token became some of the most popular terms in tech, finance, and you can bet that will continue in 2022. The world's first TV screen-based NFT explorer will be launched by Samsung, which announced it will be the world's first TV screen-based NFT explorer that will let users search for and display their NFTs on their big screens.

During this year s event, you can bet that the metaverse, or at least the various visions companies, for the collection of persistent online worlds, will also be on full display. It could be in the form of new VR AR headsets or actual metaverse platforms. We just have to wait and see.

CES will be covered throughout the week, according to Yahoo Finance. None of Microsoft is Yahoo Finance's Company of the Year 2021

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