China cancels ties with US after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan

China cancels ties with US after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan

China has stopped ties with the US on a number of critical issues, from talks on the climate crisis to dialogue between their militaries after the visit of the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

The countermeasures were announced as Beijing conducted military drills around the island of Taiwan. China has sanctions against Pelosi and her direct family members. Beijing called Pelosi's visit vicious and provocative. The cancelled interactions ranged from climate talks to dialogues between the leaders of Chinese and US military theatres, to a working meeting of Chinese and US defence ministries and a consultation mechanism on maritime military safety between the countries.

There are high tensions in the Taiwan strait. The military drills have caused a number of vessels to reroute their journeys, causing disruptions to the regional and global economies. 240 commercial ships have passed through the maritime zones each day over the past week, according to Lloyd's List Intelligence data.

The US condemned China's launch of ballistic missiles around Taiwan during live-fire exercises as an overreaction as multiple Chinese ships and planes crossed the median line.

On Friday, Taiwan s defence ministry announced that multiple China's People's Liberation Army PLA ships and planes had crossed the median line during the morning. The ministry said it had dispatched aircraft and ships and deployed land-based missile systems to monitor the situation.