China rejects UN experts' accusations of abuse of mandates

China rejects UN experts' accusations of abuse of mandates

This picture shows delegates attending the opening of the 49th UN Human Rights Council, which was held at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland on February 28, 2022, in a picture taken from a screen. PHOTO XINHUA GENEVA -- The Chinese Mission to the UN in Geneva refuted the accusations against China by some UN experts, saying they abused their mandates and acted as a political tool of anti-China forces. By ignoring China's enormous human rights achievements, this group of UN experts endorsed lies and disinformation fabricated by Western countries including the United States and anti-China forces, the Chinese mission's spokesperson said in a statement.

They abused their mandates and chose to collaborate with the United States in slandering China on the eve of the 50th session of the Human Rights Council, in a vain attempt to kidnap the Human Rights Council to serve the US strategy of containing China and to serve the interests of hegemony and power politics, according to the statement.

A few UN experts issued a statement on Friday urging China to cooperate fully with the UN human rights system and grant unhindered access to independent experts on significant human rights violations and repression of fundamental freedoms. The Chinese mission said that the attempt to impose Western dogma on others and acts of politicizing and instrumentalizing human rights has seriously damaged the credibility of the UN human rights experts system.

The Chinese mission said that China is ready to actively conduct human rights dialogue and cooperation with all other parties on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

It said that we oppose the acts of political manipulation, wanton attacks and smears against countries and interference in their internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

The statement said that the Chinese people are proud of the human rights achievements of the country, and that clouds cannot overshadow the sun and lies cannot deny China's human rights achievements. China will continue to follow a path of human rights development suited to its national conditions, promote the common values of humanity, actively conduct international exchanges and cooperation and promote the sound development of global human rights, it said.