China's Macao enrolment for satellite payload specialist

China's Macao enrolment for satellite payload specialist

The enrolment for Macao's payload specialist selection program runs from Oct 3 to 17, 2022. For the first time, PHOTO MACAO China's Macao Special Administrative Region SAR selected candidates on Monday to be trained as a payload specialist to join the country's manned space program.

The specialist will conduct science research and experiments in space and operate the space laboratory equipment, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Macao SAR.

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The candidates are required to be Chinese nationals aged between 30 and 45 who are permanent residents of the Macao SAR.

They have to have a doctoral degree and have been engaged in research fields of medicine, biology, psychology, physics or chemistry, mechanical or electrical engineering, astronomy, and other disciplines for at least 3 years, according to the authorities.

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Candidates should have a good health condition.

Applications can be submitted until October 17th.