China's stock ETFs see net inflows of $4.68 billion

China's stock ETFs see net inflows of $4.68 billion

The official Securities Times reported on Thursday that BEIJING China's equity exchange-traded fundsETFs posted net inflow of around 33 billion yuan $4.68 billion over the past month.

Over the past month, investors poured money into mainly blue-chip ETFs such as the ChinaAMC China 50 ETF and Haitai-PB CSI 300 ETF, which had inflows of 11.3 billion yuan and 7.1 billion yuan.

The report said that six ETFs that track the small-cap CSI 1000 Index saw heavy withdrawals of 23.8 billion yuan during the same period.

434 of China's 598 stock ETFs, or more than 70 per cent, saw net inflows during the month, according to the report.

The Securities Times said that the top five ETFs with the largest growth in size over the past month were all broad-based ETFs, generating a total of 30.769 billion yuan and contributing to nearly all net inflows into stock ETFs.

China's stock has fallen due to a gloomy economic outlook and rising geopolitical tensions. The bluechip CSI 300 Index fell more than 20 per cent so far this year, hitting a four month low on Wednesday.