China says US generalizing concept of national security

China says US generalizing concept of national security

In this unreliable photo, China s Ministry of Commerce spokeswoman Shu Jueting poses a question during a press conference in Beijing, China. PHOTO BEIJING China s commerce ministry said on Thursday that the United States has been generalizing the concept of national security in recent years, to tighten conditions and expand the scope, and set up cumbersome procedures for reviews on foreign investment.

Minister spokeswoman Shu Jueting made remarks when asked for comments on the US President Joe Biden's order directing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, to further scrutinize foreign investments and transactions in fields related to national security.

She said that it is not conducive to normal investment and trade exchanges, or to growth promotion and employment increase. She added that it would not only harm others, but it will also affect the US.

She said the US should provide a fair, stable and predictable business environment for enterprises to conduct investment and correct its abuse of security review.