China to continue its four upholdings in developing ties with Pacific islands

China to continue its four upholdings in developing ties with Pacific islands

HONIARA visiting Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday that China will continue its four upholdings in developing its relations with the Pacific island countries.

Wang said at a joint press conference with Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele that the China-Solomon Islands relations have made unprecedented progress in recent years, which has brought tangible benefits to the people in the region.

Wang pointed out that China has four practices of equal treatment, mutual respect, win-win cooperation, openness and inclusiveness in developing its ties with the Pacific island countries.

Firstly, upholding equal treatment. China has always believed that countries, big or small, are equal, and that the Pacific island countries are an important part of South-South cooperation and major partners in building a shared future for mankind.

China has always respected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pacific island countries, as well as their efforts to explore a development path suited to their own national conditions.

China has never interfered with the internal affairs of the Pacific island countries. The country did not seek any political strings or political selfish interests in dealing with the island countries.

Thirdly, a commitment to win-win cooperation. China will continue to be the advocate, builder and promoter of the development of the Pacific island countries and will deepen the pragmatic cooperation with the island countries in all fields.

China will always help the Pacific island countries to develop their economy, improve the wellbeing of their people, boost their capacity of self-development and share the dividends with the Pacific island countries brought by China's development.

Fourthly, upholding openness and inclusiveness. The South Pacific region should serve as a platform for cooperation and not as an arena for destructive competition. China's cooperation with the Pacific island countries does not target any country and should not be disrupted by any country.

China respects the contacts the Pacific island countries have already established with other countries. China is ready to conduct third party market cooperation with other countries in and outside the region, as a result of the spirit of openness.