China warns of dangerous tendencies on Taiwan Straits

China warns of dangerous tendencies on Taiwan Straits

The White Paper released by the State Council on Wednesday on the Taiwan question aims to send a strong message to the world about the matter, as it warned against dangerous tendencies in the development of the situation across the Taiwan Straits.

He called for staying vigilant about the US, who may not be resigned to its failure on the Taiwan question, and gang up to add fuel to the flames by extending its military presence in the region in an effort to create new, bigger crises.

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He urged keeping watch on Taiwan's independence elements who might miscalculate the situation and redouble their efforts to collaborate with external forces to further their plans of splitting the nation.

Wang said that it was important to be wary of politicians from certain countries who might try to perform political stunts.

Such acts would seriously damage the political foundation of diplomatic relations between China and other countries, and seriously affect the United Nations Charter and the international system established after World War II, he added.

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