Chinese Embassy in US rebukes US State Department's false claims on Ukraine

Chinese Embassy in US rebukes US State Department's false claims on Ukraine

This picture posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States shows the front exterior of the main building of the embassy. The Chinese Embassy in the United States rebuked the US State Department's false claims that Chinese officials and media are routinely amplify Kremlin's propaganda, conspiracy theories, and disinformation on the Ukraine issue.

Asked to comment on a statement posted Monday on the US State Department's website, the embassy's spokesperson said China's position on the Ukraine issue is impartial, objective and beyond reproach. ALSO READ: US obliged Afghan people to be compensated.

The US government has waged wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria over the past several years, killing 335,000 civilians, according to the spokesperson. This is not disinformation. The situation in Russia-Ukraine is not controlled by the vast majority of countries in the world, and none of them want to see it escalate or even get out of control. The spokesperson said that this is not disinformation.

The United States admitted in the Working Document submitted to the US State Parties to the Convention onBiological Weapons in November 2021 that it has 26 biolabs in Ukraine. The Department of Defense released a fact sheet in March 2022, which states that the US is supporting 46 facilities in Ukraine. These are not disinformation. ALSO READ: US the one that doesn't want to talk about it.

The spokesperson urged Washington to welcome joint verification by the international community under the UN and the BWC, saying that blaming and smearing won't solve the problem.