CIA director warns Russian intelligence there will be a price for finding proof of Havana Syndrome

CIA director warns Russian intelligence there will be a price for finding proof of Havana Syndrome

This may include advertisements from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. CIA Director William Burns has reportedly warned Russian intelligence there will be a price if the agency finds proof they are behind the mysterious Havana syndrome. Burns has reportedly raised the issue during a trip to Moscow earlier in November. While he did not directly point the finger at Russia's FSB or the SVR, Mr Burns said that the attacks went far beyond the normal actions of a professional intelligence service. US President Joe Biden has already vowed to determine the origin of the attacks, which have been reported to have started in 2016 at the US embassy in Cuba. He has set up a task force to investigate several cases across the world. The State Department is investigating whether or not they are attributed to a foreign actor. Some have claimed the symptoms are a result of directed radio frequency attacks from Russia.

Some of the cases are said to have been from those working on Russia related issues such as gas exports, cybersecurity and political interference. Some of the affected people reported having had headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms consistent with traumatic brain injuries. Some experts believe that the illness is a psychological condition that is brought about by stress, but others believe it is a deliberate attack. Bill Evanina, a former U.S. intelligence official, said: Was it an offensive weapon in some way or form targeted to individuals? READ MORE: Solar storm warning: Met Office expects radio and GPS issues within hours: Significant''

If the Russian government was increasing and propagating their intelligence operation in Cuba, it is probably not good for them to have the US in Cuba in mass to identify some things that have happened there. Russia has denied any wrongdoing and there are some that agree. The mystery illness was explored by authors Robert Baloh and Robert Bartholomew in their book Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the real story behind Embassy Mystery and Hysteria in March 2020. According to the book's description, the Havana syndrome is one of the most extraordinary cases in the history of science.