Claude Debussy's classic piano piece sent to space

Claude Debussy's classic piano piece sent to space

The history of commercial activities in space has taken another small step, after a non-fungible piece of Clair de Lune's classic piano piece Claude Debussy was sent to the International Space Station.

The unique digital assets was fueled last week by Astrospace and Artemis Music Entertainment, Inc. by the Houston, Texas-based aerospace company Nanoracks LLC, where it was made the first to reach space with music being released next in order to create the moment that NFT looks like footage from space?

Debussy's classical masterpiece 'Clair de Lune' stirs our human emotions of awe and wonder, Artemis Music co-founder Bob Richards tweeted on Monday We sent it on July 28th to orbit the Earth, carrying its musical message of hope, unity, peace and beauty around the world. According to a release from the Cape Canaveral, Florida, company, the NFT was sent up for a test of its Artemis Space Network: a space-based globally accessible commercial platform for music and entertainment media.

The digital music file, performed by Hong Kong pianist Wing-Chong Kam, traveled more than 125,000 miles in space hosted by Nanoracks before it was minted and returned to Earth as an NFT.

From a cognitive perspective, the universe will create a cosmic shift in humans, said Richards in the statement. Clair de Lune perhaps comes as close as possible to provoking the emotions of awe and wonder experienced by space travelers.

The selection of Kristopher Houck's piece was made by Debussy's co-founder and artistic director Artemis Music.

Clair de Lune was an obvious choice for me as one of the most beautiful compositions ever wrote, he says.

The proceeds of the sale will go to Artemis Music Foundation.

Debussy, a French composer, published the piece in 1890 and wrote it in 1905.

In December 2020, Nanoracks added the first commercial infrastructure to the ISS, with the addition of the Bishop airlock in December 2020.

The market for NFTs surged to new heights in the second quarter with $2.5 billion of sales in July 2021.