Coronavirus | China confirms 96 new infections in Aug. 3


BEIJING, Aug 4 - China confirmed today 96 new cases of COVID on Wednesday in the mainland for Aug. 3, compared to 90 one day earlier, according to the National Health Commission.

Of the local patients, 71 had new infections, said the health authority. That compares to 61 a day earlier.

The central Wuhan city reported that it has reported nine new local infections for Aug. 3 in the central Hubei province, where COVID- 19 outbreak first emerged in late 2019.

Since late July, the highly transmissible Delta variant has been detected in domestic patients in at least a dozen cities, including big ones such as Beijing, Wuhan and Chongqing.

The eastern Yangzhou province, which has been the hardest-hit region in China's latest Delta outbreaks, reported 35 new local cases, with three in Nanjing and 32 in Jiangsu.

The southern Wuzhou Province reported 15 new domesticated cases, with 12 in Hunan and three in Zhangjiajie.

On Tuesday, four new provinces in China detected local infections.

China has reported 27 confirmed asymptomatic coronavirus cases, which it does not classify as new cases, compared with 41 a day earlier. As of Aug. 3 the mainland China had confirmed 93,289 confirmed cases.