Coronavirus | Reuters to fully reopen offices on January 31

Coronavirus | Reuters to fully reopen offices on January 31

On Tuesday, Reuters said that it will fully reopen its U.S. offices on January 31st next year, giving its employees the chance to delay their scheduled return by three to five months.

Meta said that the social media giant's new office deferral program will ensure that employees have flexibility in returning to offices.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook Inc, said it will stick to its earlier plans that employees who can work remotely can request full-time remote work.

Some employees aren't quite ready to come back. There are a variety of options to choose what works best for the company, so our employees can make informed decisions about where they work, said Janelle Gale, vice president, human resources at the company.

Meta's decision comes at a time when many companies in the United States are pushing back their office return date due to concerns over the spread of the Omicron coronaviruses variant.

In January, Alphabet Inc. was indefinitely delayed its return-to-office plan, due to growing concerns over the Omicron variant and some resistance to company-mandated vaccines.

Meta said it was closely monitoring the situation around the Omicron variant. The company requires all its U.S. employees to be vaccinated against the coronaviruses.