Cosmopolitan employees get $5000 bonus

Cosmopolitan employees get $5000 bonus

Employees at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas enjoyed an incredible surprise when their boss announced they would receive a $5000 bonus.

Nearly half of the resort's 5,400 employees attended an appreciation and awards buffet on Wednesday, where resort President and CEO Bill McBeath praised the staff for helping the company maintain a youthful, exuberant brand during the coronaviruses epidemic.

Daniel Espino, Cosmopolitan chief people officer, said that it's you, every single day, that makes a difference. You can clean the rooms, cook the food, deal cards, serve drinks, at the front desk. It is amazing! Edgar Rives, a cook for nine years in the employee cafeteria, called it a big surprise. Blackstone, the private equity firm that owns the property, said the payout would cost $27 million, but that is a drop compared to the $1.6 billion sale of property operations to casino giant MGM Resorts International. MGM has two properties along the Cosmopolitan, which means it will own a continuous stretch of the strip.

Wall Street has a 20% increase in bonuses over 2020 because of the pandemic, and companies have dropped bigger bonuses than expected.

Vanderbilt University paid eligible employees a one-time payment of $1500 as a result of the pandemic. It has not been easy to do, especially during the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, said Daniel Diermeier, Chancellor. He said that their dedication to our vision and goals allows our university to operate at its highest level.