COVID 19: Pankaj Advani finally recovers from virus

COVID 19: Pankaj Advani finally recovers from virus

New Delhi India January 17 ANI Ace Cureist Pankaj Advani has recovered from COVID 19 After testing negative for the virus, Advani talked about how he was bogged down after testing positive.

I was quarantined for 8 days after testing positive, and now I'm finally recovering. I had a severe fever and was shivering for the first three days, so I decided to rest as much as possible to speed up the recovery process. Advani stated in an official release that I was drinking hot beverages and inhaling steam.

After a hard three days, I binge-watched a few TV programmes to pass the time. A couple of romantic comedies made me feel better. Because this kind of is spreading quickly, I would advise individuals not to take unnecessary risks and follow all protocols. He said that even after that, the recovery rate is now high and swift, which is a good sign.

Advani has had an incredible year, winning his 11th National Billiards title at the famous Sage University in Bhopal. It was one of the longest championships in the country.

He also made history at the IBSF Global Billiards Championship in Doha, where he won his 24th world title. Our hero also qualified for the IBSF World Championship finals.