Crypto NFT sales hit 12-month low in June

Crypto NFT sales hit 12-month low in June

The non-fungible token has been swept up in the criptocurrency crash as sales reached a 12 month low in June.

NFTs give people the ability to copy a piece of virtual art, even if that item can be easily copied. A ledger is a digital ledger that is known as a ledger.

Sales of NFTs were just over $1 billion and 830 m in June, their worst performance since the same month last year when sales were $648 m. In January, sales reached a peak of $12.6 bn.

The decline is linked to the broader slowdown in the criptocurrency markets, said Ethan McMahon, a Chainalysis economist.

We are likely to see a reversal of the collections and types of NFTs for NFTs as a result of times like this. The market for cryptocurrencies, worth about $3 tn last November, is now worth less than $1 tn.

The NFTs depend on a ledger used byBitcoin to track ownership of the coin to record who owns them and allow them to be traded. Proof of work is a carbon-intensive system that maintains the blockchain, which is the basis for most of the projects.

At its peak, the NFT market attracted vault sums including $2.9 million for a token of the first tweet by Jack Dorsey. A digital collage by visual artist Beeple sold for $69 m, the main token for the game to earn video game Axie Infinity hit a total value of $9.75 bn, and Coca-Cola raised more than $575,000 from selling digital items such as a customised jacket to wear in the metaverse.

The NFT sales peaked in January, according to the Chainalysis data. In April an attempt to sell on the Dorsey NFT was abandoned when bids reached $14,000.

Demand for so-called blue chip NFT collections hasn't risen, according to DappRadar, a firm that tracks NFTs andBlockchain-based video games.

The price of the cheapest NFT in the Bored Ape Yacht Club has declined by only 1%, to $90,00 o, over the last month, according to DappRadar's head of research, Pedro Herrera. Blue chip collections are performing better than the vast majority of NFTs, he said.

NFT sales reached $40 bn last year and the 2022 total has already exceeded that, at more than $42 bn, according to Chainalysis. Sales in January and February accounted for more than half of the 2022 total.

The market for cryptocurrencies has been under pressure due to the volatility in the stock markets, due to fears of rising inflation and higher interest rates.

The collapse of Terra, a so-called stable coin, that was supposed to be pegged to the US dollar, and the troubles at related financial institutions such as the Celsius Network, which has paused withdrawals has shaken faith in cryptocurrencies.