Cuban billionaire says Cardano is not there

Cuban billionaire says Cardano is not there

According to Cubans, Cardano is not there.

The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks criticized Cardano from a business perspective, according to the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Cuban said there sgotta be a there, there, because the chain has failed to live up to expectation by applying the same lens as he would for business pitches on Shark Tank.

Cuban said that the number of transactions is the bellwether of success for him. In comparison to other popular chains, Cardano falls short on this metric.

You can go to Coin Metrics, you can go to all these different places and look for transactions, and I guess the people in Africa are not using it as much as they expected because you don't see the fees. For the last month, Messari showed daily Cardano transactions ranged between 52,900 and 93,409. Over the same period, the range of Bitcoins ranged between 198,306 and 283,820.

Cuban pointed out that he still hasn't seen Cardano rise to the challenge and make an impact, which is more relevant considering smart contracts have been live for a year.

The door is open for that to happen if the next great dApp is launched on Cardano and everyone needs to buy ADA to use it.

When asked what advice would he give Charles Hoskinson if he pitched on Shark Tank, Cuban said. Where is your revenue? He said that he would ask that question because it doesn't mean that you don't need revenues. The developers of Cardano are working on rolling out the Vasil hard fork, which they delayed for a second time after discovering three unanticipated bugs.

Input Output has yet to give a final release date for the upgrade. The price of ADA is expected to go up on a rollout date, according to social media chatter.

Since July 26, ADA has been moving upwards, which was approximately the period when the second delay was announced. The current price action shows an imminent retest of the $0.5578 resistance level.