Disney will soon have a digital key to their hotel room door

Disney will soon have a digital key to their hotel room door

As smartphones become more and more necessary, they are more and more necessary for all aspects of everyday life. Now, according to Disney, they'll be an integral part of vacationing as well.

Disneyland recently announced several new features that guests will soon be able to access on the official Disneyland app. According to the press release, a feature that will not yet be implemented, but is soon will be the ability to unlock their hotel doors via the App.

Once it is implemented, guests will be able to go directly to their hotel room without having to check in personally. The app will provide them with a digital key that will make them call and notify them when their room is ready.

The app will be able to unlock the room door using a phone Bluetooth, which will mean by using the wireless signal. According to the press release, only the digital guest will have access to the primary key.

Disneyland introduced an online check-in service through the app earlier this spring, allowing guests to start the process up to five days before arriving.

The digital key will also grant guests access to certain areas of the hotel, such as pools and fitness centers. It can also be used to charge dining and some shopping service directly to the hotel room.

On the front desk, traditional hotel keys will still be available for guests who don't want to worry about their hotel key running out of battery during the day.