Dongyang appoints key negotiator as new foreign minister

Dongyang appoints key negotiator as new foreign minister

Choe Son-hui, then the vice-foreign minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, poses for a photo ahead of the welcome ceremony of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, who was not pictured at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 1, 2019. POOL AFP SEOUL -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has appointed a key nuclear negotiator, Choe Son-hui, as its new foreign minister, state media said on Saturday, as the country concluded a ruling party meeting chaired by leader Kim Jong-un.

State news agency KCNA reported that Kim presented goals to boost the country's military power and defense research to protect the DPRK's sovereign rights, but it did not give any details.

The right to self-defense is an issue of defending sovereignty, clarifying again the Party's invariable fighting principle of power for power and head-on contest, Kim was quoted as saying by the KCNA.

The Plenary Meeting of the Workers' Party of Korea was convened on Wednesday through Friday, according to KCNA.