DraftKings CEO Robins says company is closer to beating FanDuel

DraftKings CEO Robins says company is closer to beating FanDuel

After a great second quarter revenue report, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins said the online gaming and betting platform is closer to its goal of beating its main competitor, FanDuel.

Robins told FOX Business Stuart Varney on Friday that we've been up or down versus them in market share based on the month, so we feel like we're doing a good job, but our goal is to gain share on them. The CEO of Varney Co. said $466 million in Q2 was better than expected, showing 57% growth year-over-year growth.

Robins has a great plan in place for the next two quarters to become the top gaming platform across the industry in both online sports betting and iGaming categories.

On the iGaming side, we're a little bit ahead of FanDuel I think it's minus or plus, according to Robins. We're about in line, but a little behind BetMGM. We want to be number one across the board. The CEO stated that the company improved its bottom line through a balanced effort to improve cost efficiencies and user feedback.

Robins noted that the company has been focused on finding cost efficiencies and we're starting to see that come to an end, for the better part of the year.

He said that it was a great effort by the company to focus on the customer and continue to focus on growing that top line.

DraftKings CEO expressed the team's excitement over Massachusetts recently passed sports betting legislation, but pointed out that the regulatory and licensing process won't be completed in time for the football season.

Massachusetts is a great state for sports. There are a lot of passionate sports fans here. Robins predicted that it'll be a great market. It was a special moment for all of our 1,400 employees here.