Dry winds raise wildfire threat across northern California

Dry winds raise wildfire threat across northern California

Dry winds have raised wildfire threat across northern California, which is also experiencing one of its worst years of fires in history. In Sacramento, low humidity and gusts of as high as 35 miles an hour will create dangerous conditions through late Wednesday. On Monday, California burned a milestone of 1 million acres burned, the youngest it has ever reached that mark in history. The rising risk of more fires prompted utility operator PG&E Corp. to say it may cut power to about 48,000 customers. Heller said: 'Everything is just ready to burn, heller said. 'We have a trough that passes to the northeast and when that happens we get northerly winds which tends to dry out portions of our area even more.

California crews are battling 10 large fires, including the Dixie Fire, the state's second largest, that had grown to 604,511 acres as of early Tuesday on its way to destroying at least 1,180 structures, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire ProtectionCalifornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. To the south, the Caldor Fire burned through 6,500 acres after overnight explosive growth that triggered mandatory evacuations. This year, 6,511 wildfires have destroyed almost 1.1 million acres across the Golden State, burning 1,770 structures and scorching 145,000 acres. Some deaths have been reported through the Monday.

Firefighters are also battling a fire that began Saturday in the hills east of Sacramento and is prompting evacuations. Temperatures will linger in the 90 s Fahrenheit area the rest of the week, Heller said. In addition to dangerous conditions in Oregon, red flag fire warnings are also issued throughout parts of Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Dakotas. Air quality alerts due to smoke pollution have also spread throughout the West, including through the Central Valley of Idaho and Montana, and covering almost all of California.