Elon Musk’s bid for Britain, Twitter to resettle asylum seekers in Rwanda

Elon Musk’s bid for Britain, Twitter to resettle asylum seekers in Rwanda

Elon Musk's bid for Britain and Twitter to resettle asylum seekers in Rwanda.

The flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet sank on Thursday after it suffered catastrophic damage. Ukraine said it was the result of a missile strike by its coastal defence force. Russia claimed that the damage to the ship, the Moskva, was caused by a fire. Russia later claimed it had sunk while being towed during a storm. The damage to Moskva was a symbolic victory for the Ukrainian military and an embarrassment for Moscow. It may be a demonstration of new weapons: Ukraine said it struck the vessel with Ukrainian-made Neptune missiles, which have never been used in combat before. Since the start of the war, ships from Russia's Black Sea Fleet have been offshore, periodically launching missile and rocket attacks against targets inside Ukraine. The fleet has also cut off Ukraine's access to the Black Sea, removing a key economic lifeline. An embargo on Russian oil products is being considered by leaders, which could increase energy prices and disrupt politics around the region.

Elon Musk, the world's richest man, offered to buy Twitter in a cash bid that values the social network at $43 billion. Musk has used Twitter to insult critics, troll short-sellers and spread inaccurate information about the pandemic. He has repeatedly criticized Twitter's moderation policies, and floated the idea of radically shifting power toward Twitter users and enabling unfettered free speech. What is next: Twitter s board said it would review Musk's proposal to buy the company and take it private. If it turns down the offer, it will have to explain why and possibly line up a white knight suitor to come up with a competing bid.

The US plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda The British government announced a plan to send some asylum seekers thousands of miles away to Rwanda for processing and resettlement, which has received immediate condemnation from rights groups and opposition leaders. Rwanda - which has faced fierce criticism for its human rights record from many countries, including Britain, said it would receive about $157 million as part of the deal. If their claims are successful, it will give asylum seekers legal pathways to reside in Rwanda.

Britain freezes the assets of two Russian businessmen close to Abramovich.

The C.I. A. director says potential desperation could tempt Putin to use nuclear weapons.

Moody s warns that Russia s bond payments in rubles could lead to default. The British government has struggled to stop a steady flow of people crossing the English Channel from France. What is going to happen next: Prime Minister Boris Johnson said legislation to allow the deal was still on the table and was going through Parliament. He stated that the plan would not take effect overnight and would be likely to face legal challenges. That was it for today's briefing. When I can't sleep, I've been doing Wordle, Vice President Kamala Harris told Democratic donors last night, according to a CNN reporter. The latest episode of The Daily is about Elon Musk's tangle with Twitter.