Elon Musk says Tesla's Full Self-Driving system will work everywhere

Elon Musk says Tesla's Full Self-Driving system will work everywhere

It will work everywhere even on another planet because of Tesla's proposed robotaxi service.

Elon Musk told the company's annual shareholders meeting on Thursday that the system is not being designed with a launch city in mind, the way competitors approached the concept, according to Elon Musk.

Musk said Tesla is developing a general solution for self-driving. If you created a randomly generated alternate earth, our system would still work. Musk stated that regulatory hurdles will limit where it can be deployed but is confident that the Full Self-Driving system will allow it to live up to its name one day.

In order to ensure the functionality of their systems, Cruise and Waymo focused their efforts on single cities, where constant, hyper-accurate mapping of the environment is a priority.

Tesla collects data from the owners of its cars, which run a beta version of the system, a process that has raised the ire of many critics. Musk believes that the feature will reach 100 million miles by the end of the day, and over 40 million miles have been driven with the feature engaged.

General Motors' Super Cruise driver aid, which has limited partial-automation, only works on stretches of roads that have been validated through scanning and inspection by the company itself. GM announced this week it is doubling the approved road network to 400,000 miles in North America and said owners have covered 35 million miles using Super Cruise since it launched in 2017.

Musk said Tesla owners will have the choice of using it themselves or adding cars to the robotaxi fleet to earn money when they don't need them when Tesla's Full Self-Driving is fully operational.

I think it would end up being a combination of AirBnB and Uber. Look at how many cars are parked. There are parking lots full of cars all over the place. Musk said that cars need a driver, so most of the time they are doing nothing.

Musk estimated that a typical vehicle added to the system would see its usage increase from 12 hours a week to 60 hours a week and become a revenue generator.

The car is the same, but he said it still costs the same.