Ericsson says 5 G will be main platform for Digital India

Ericsson says 5 G will be main platform for Digital India

In 1903, Swedish telecom company Ericsson received its first order for a manual switch from the Indian government. Since then, we have been supporting India.

Nunzio Mirtillo, head of Ericsson Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, said at the Indian Mobile Congress on Wednesday that they continue to work with all service providers in India to prepare for the seamless introduction of 5 G based on our global experience and our innovative and competitive 5 G portfolio.

It is the foundation on which the mission of Digital India in India will be realized, said Mirtillo.

He said that mobile connectivity is one of the biggest drivers of growth even in one of the remote corners of India. We cannot underestimate the importance of connectivity for the country's social and economic development. The past 6 -- 8 years have been about massive data usage and consumer behavior. The next decade will be about connecting everything that can be connected. 5 G will be the main platform that will drive this connectivity. He said it will help in bridging the digital divide and that it will help in bridging the coverage.

In its latest Ericsson Mobility Report, the company reported an almost 300 fold increase in mobile data traffic since 2011. Mirtillo said India is an extremely important country for Ericsson. India is already the third-largest market for 5 G smartphone sales, although the service is yet to begin. India can benefit from the fast-maturing technology. The enabler would be the spectrum. He said that it has to be an affordable spectrum.

Around 39 per cent of mobile subscriptions in India are expected to be around 500 million subscribers by the end of 2027, according to Ericsson. By the end of the year, 25 per cent of the world population will be covered by 5 G and for India, 5 G will not only increase the contribution of digital congregation sectors to India's GDP, but it will also be an economic multiplier for the country, according to Mirtillo.