European Central Bank will continue to invest in euro-area economy, says Lagarde

European Central Bank will continue to invest in euro-area economy, says Lagarde

The European Central Bank will continue to aid the euro-area economy as the fallout from the pandemic is felt, President Christine Lagarde said.

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Monetary policy will continue supporting the economy to durably stabilize inflation at our inflation target of 2% over the medium term, Lagarde told in the 2021 Per Jacobsson Lecture at International Monetary Fund on Saturday.

The ECB is committed to preserving favorable financing conditions for all sectors of the economy during the Pandemic period, she said, according to a prepared text released by the ECB.

The ECB rolled out a 1.85 trillion-euro Special Fund to support the Region during Covid period. That program is due to end in March and the Frankfurt-based central bank is already preparing to transition to post-pandemic stimulus. It is examining a new bond buying program to prevent any market turmoil once crisis purchases end, officials familiar with the matter told Bloomberg last week.

Once the pandemic emergency comes to an end - which is drawing closer - our forward guidance on rates as well as asset purchases will ensure that monetary policy remains supportive of the timely attainment of our target, Lagarde said.

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