Exclusive: I don't know if this is temporary and that will not last


But I still don't know if this is temporary and that will not last, Mobius said. Derek Mobius, the Reuters Global Markets Forum founder and managing director of Emerging Markets Partners, told the forum on Tuesday.

Mobius said his firm was heavily focused in India, with about a 20% allocation, adding that he was bullish on sectors from medical testing to industrial equipment.

It's a pretty wide scope that we have in India. Mobius made his name as an emerging market guru with U.S. manager Franklin Templeton, where he managed more than $50 billion in EM portfolios.

The effects of China's crackdown will be temporary and will be over the long-term, curb monopolistic trends enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to thrive, Mobius said.

The unpredictability of China's regulatory measures https: reut.rs 3 xrDq 79 make the country attractive to foreign investors in the short term but could make it attractive in the long run, global fund managers told GMF last week.

In China, Mobius was upbeat on health equipment manufacturers, healthcare firms, higher-level education companies that haven't been affected by recent crackdowns, consumer products and fast food.

He said we feel that it is good where we are, and he would consider buying some stocks, especially in the SME segment, given recent price corrections.

There are economic opportunities now in China as a result of this panic following the government intervention, Mobius said.

While he was bullish in Taiwan and Brazil, Mobius said his fund was independent of India.