Explosion hits mosque in Afghanistan's capital

Explosion hits mosque in Afghanistan's capital

An explosion hit a mosque in Afghanistan's capital near the heavily fortified Interior Ministry compound Wednesday, killing four people and wounding 25, a ministry spokesman said.

The government did not say what caused the blast in Kabul, where Islamist militants have carried out a number of attacks in recent months.

The mosque was used by visitors and sometimes by Interior Ministry employees, ministry spokesman Abdul Nafi Takor said.

The Italian nongovernmental organization Emergency, which runs a hospital in Kabul, said on Twitter that it had received 20 patients from the blast, two of whom were dead on arrival.

The Interior Ministry compound is located in a secure area next to Kabul International Airport.

The Taliban said they have secured the country after taking over in 2021 after a two-decade insurgency. In the last few months a series of blasts have hit urban centers, although widespread fighting has ended.

According to the UN Mission to Afghanistan, 53 people were killed on Friday by an explosion at an education center in West Kabul.