FBI raids Donald Trump's Florida home, including safe, says former president

FBI raids Donald Trump's Florida home, including safe, says former president

I. raid on the home of Donald Trump.

I. searched Donald Trump's Palm Beach, Fla. home, including a safe that agents broke open, the former U.S. president said yesterday - an account that signaled a dramatic escalation in the various investigations into the final stages of his presidency. The search appeared to focus on files that Trump had brought to Florida when he left the White House. For many months, Trump delayed in returning 15 boxes of material requested by officials with the National Archives, only when there was a threat of action to retrieve them. He was known for ripping up official documents that were intended to be held for presidential archives throughout his term. I. would have to convince a judge that it had probable cause that a crime had been committed, while the search would almost certainly require approval from the Justice Department as well as top F.B. I. officials. I. declined to comment, and Justice Department officials did not respond to requests for comment.

The U.S. outlines its goals in Africa Speaking in Pretoria, South Africa, Antony Blinken, the U.S. secretary of state, unveiled the Biden administration's main approach to addressing the growing influence of China, Russia and Middle Eastern nations across Africa, promoting democratic governance across the continent. He said that strong democracies tend to be more stable and less prone to conflict. The poor governance, exclusion and corruption inherent in weak democracies makes them more vulnerable to extremist movements and foreign interference. His message came as some African countries start to accept authoritarian rule and abandon democracy. Russia has a decades-long history of partnership with African nations and organizations, and has told African leaders that American-led sanctions on Moscow exacerbate a global food shortage. China has a huge presence in Africa, but there has been a backlash from some Africans against labor and loan practices by Chinese companies.

Olivia Newton-John, the British-Australian star of Grease and a chart-topping pop singer in the 1970s and 80 s, died yesterday at 73. The campaign may already have changed the country's politics as Kenya s national elections take place today, but the campaign may already have changed the country s politics. The voters will decide whether to pick Martha Karua as their first female deputy president, and her candidacy has shifted the focus to women. Analysts believe that Karua could convince the undecided that the presidential candidate on her ticket - Raila Odinga, a familiar face in Kenyan politics, could offer something new. Karua is part of the Kenyan political establishment, but her strong anti-corruption track record counts in her favor.