Finland, Sweden sign memorandum of Host Nation Support

Finland, Sweden sign memorandum of Host Nation Support

The Finnish Ministry of Defence has announced on Tuesday the signing of a Memorandum of Host Nation Support between Finland and Sweden.

A ministry spokeswoman said in a press release that the memorandum covers separately agreed measures to be taken by a host nation to support the capabilities of forces of another state.

The document was signed by Finnish Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen and Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The key objective is to ensure that military assistance can be received effectively from Finland's perspective, according to the release.

In 2014, the concept of military hosting became part of the Finnish political language, when Finland signed a memorandum on hosting with NATO.

The memorandum was discussed as an agreement by Finnish media, creating political arguments in the country that the pact should have been submitted to parliament, as international agreements in Finland are. In that case, Parliament had only been informed.

Jarmo Lindberg, the then commander of defense forces, said hosting agreements standardize administrative arrangements and reduce the need for separate protocols and technical agreements.