First NFT metaverse land sale on Polkastarter

First NFT metaverse land sale on Polkastarter

The first NFT metaverse land sale will take place on Polkastarter next week, enabling users to snap up real estate from the best metaverse projects.

It is now as simple as buying virtual land to buy token.

The incredible rise in popularity both NFTs and virtual world ecosystems are bound to cross paths at some point during the past year. Polkastarter, a launchpad platform based on Polkadot, was among the first to offer users an easy and streamlined way to participate in what the industry now calls metaverses.

Users can buy individual parcels or land packs from the virtual worlds such as ChainGuardians, Highstreet, Wider World and Realm.

These land sales will work like the standard token sales on Polkastarter - users will be able to whitelist and participate in the sales through a streamlined and easy-to-use interface they are familiar with.

People can walk around, meet friends, visit buildings, and even attend events in a virtual world such as ChainGuardians, Highstreet, Wilder World or Realm. Land plays an important role in the metaverse, like the real world. The better the location, the more expensive it is, so getting in early in these land sales is key. The names of the projects that will be participating in the event are set to be announced in the coming days, along with the exact dates of the first land sale to take place on the platform.