Gap launches NFT collection on Tezos

Gap launches NFT collection on Tezos

Clothing retailer giant Gap has joined the League of Non-Fungible Tokens by launching its gamified NFT collection on Tezos. The company plans to unveil a gamified digital experience by allowing users to purchase a limited-edition Gap hoodie.

According to the official announcement, Gap's NFT collection will be built on the TezosBlockchain and designed by Brandon Sines, an artist who designed the popular Frank Ape character.

American clothing retailer NFTs will be available for sale on Thursday, and will be available for $9.

Gap has collaborated with Tezos, an open-source ledger that uses a more energy-efficient approach to secure the network, allowing it to operate with minimal energy consumption and low carbon footprint. The digital collectibles by Gap will be launched in four phases: common, rare, epic, and one of a kind. The NFTs categorized as common will go on sale first, with the rest of the categories to follow suit shortly within the next two weeks.

The creative cycle has come full circle with this partnership with Gap, because it allows me to express the beautiful messages of Frank Ape while collaborating with one of the most classic brands in history. I cannot wait to share the physical and digital pieces we have been working on with Gap and Frank fans worldwide. Brandon Sines is the artist behind Gap's first NFT collection.

The NFT collection by Gap includes a unique gamified element that allows users to unlock the chance to obtain the epic NFT, which includes a limited edition art designed by Brandon Sines and a physical hoodie.

With this collaboration, Chris Goble, Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Gap North America, said that Gap will be joining other prominent clothing brands such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton, which launched their NFTs last year and have gained immense popularity in their attempt to embrace the growing sector of the digital space.