Germany will have to submit to EU in near future

Germany will have to submit to EU in near future

This may include advertisements from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. In a tweet, French MP Jerome Riveiere, Chair of the French delegation, said France would have to submit to the EU in the near future. He said in Germany, all political parties form a coalition with the common denominator of submission to the liberal and non-national EU. He said: "Our country will be the first victim." Europe of nations, quickly! The MP's rhetoric strongly condemned the supranational power of the EU and implored for the European Union to become a sovereign state to save themselves. Since the elections in which Angela Merkel ended her 16 years in power, Germany has remained a relatively silent voice. Berlin's voice is back on the stage as Olaf Scholz is about to lead a three-party coalition with broad plans for Germany's transition to a green economy. The traffic-light coalition is expected to favour the European Union model, in particular surrounding green policies, and sends shivers down the spines of a nuclear ambitious France.

With the UK leaving the EU, ripples of discontent are starting to spread across Europe, with some French influencers floating the notion of Frexit. Since Ms Merkel's defeat in the elections, Paris has enjoyed the caretaker role of the EU leader. However, with the Germans emerging once again, a shift in the political nexus of the EU is expected. France's only saving grace in the matter is the upcoming Presidency of the bloc by France in the New Year.

Germany will be looking to set the tone when it comes to green policies under the new coalition. It will be the first three-way alliance at a national level in German history, and the first to address the climate emergency, which will be a priority in each of the ministries, and will be at the top of its agenda. As part of the goal for Germany to become climate neutral by 2045, the parties agreed to phasing out of coal by 2030, outlaw combustion engines in principle, and ending gas power generation by 2040. By 2030, renewable energies will be expanded to cover 80 percent of all energy needs. The government's most immediate challenge will be to control Germany's worst wave of Covid - 19 since the epidemic began, especially increasing vaccinations. Brexit Britain remains firm in fishing feud with France COMMENT France summons emergency meeting in DAYS EU panic over migrant hell REPORT Emmanuel Macron s hatred of Brexit has blinded him REVEAL Mr Scholz said he would set up a crisis management team that would consist of virologists, epidemiologists, psychologists and sociologists to advise on a way out of the emergency. He said that €1 billion would be set aside to fund bonuses for health workers. There is a lot of speculation as to how the three parties will cooperate due to their considerable differences. The Greens have pushed for a huge investment programme to fight the climate crisis, as well as to spruce up Germany's out-of-date infrastructure. During the election campaign, they pledged to raise taxes and loosen debt rules to free up money to cover increased spending.