Give up their idea of protecting enemy countries: BJP president

Give up their idea of protecting enemy countries: BJP president

Kochi Kerala India January 15 ANI Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Kerala State Vice President KS Radhakrishnan slammed Communist Party of India Marxist politburo member S Ramachandran Pillai for his pro-China statement.

Earlier in the day, Ramachandran Pillai was speaking about the CPI-M Kottayam district committee meeting, when he said that India's campaign against China is an attack on CPI-M The BJP president made a strong statement and said Pillai shares his loyalty with an enemy country in one sense. He is a traitor and in my opinion, all traitors should be arrested and put before a court of law to give maximum punishment. My request to the Marxist fraternity is that they should give up their idea of protecting the enemy countries while living here in India. If they want to protect China, let them go and live in China, Radhakrishnan said.

The BJP president said that the Communist Party leaders had been working for the benefit of a foreign country from 1920 onwards.

Pillai thinks that China is his country, Xi is his leader. When China is criticised, he feels that he is being criticised.

This habit of the Communist Party is because they don't believe in nationalism but rather in internationalism. Radhakrishnan said that this is too dangerous and a great betrayal of this land by the Communist movement.

Pillai has never said anything about his fraternity with the foreign country. He said he is taking advantage of the democratic setup and cultural heritage of this great country.

Why should they remain in India and fight for China against India? Instead, all the Marxist groups and fraternities can leave India and join China to fight India, he said.