Google subsidiary Verily, L'Oreal, team up to explore skin health

Google subsidiary Verily, L'Oreal, team up to explore skin health

Alphabet, Inc.'s NASDAQ: GOOGL NASDAQ: GOOG subsidiary Verily, a precision health company, and L'Or al S.A. Pink: LRLCY announced a strategic partnership to promote skin health.

What Happened: French fashion group L'Oreal said that the beauty partnership with Google's precision health subsidiary will pursue two programs to better understand skin and hair aging mechanisms. This will help the French company's precision beauty tech strategy and product development.

The first program is a strategic R&D collaboration to establish a longitudinal biological, clinical, and environmental view of skin health, leveraging L'Oreal's scientific knowledge of health and Verily's clinical science capabilities to decode and discover the links between exposome, skin aging and deep biology of the skin.

The second is a partnership with Verily's R&D Team and L'Or al's Active Cosmetics Division to explore the development of new technologies and tele-diagnosis solutions such as sensors and AI algorithms for dermatology and skincare that can form the basis for new services.

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Verily is a research unit of Google that focuses on life science research. After being a part of Google X until August 2015, it was spun off as an independent subsidiary of Google.