Govt. plans to hike fare for every kilometre

Govt. plans to hike fare for every kilometre

The proposal to increase the three-wheeler charges for every kilometre will increase by Rs 1.50, while the base fare for travel in taxis will increase by Rs 15, officials said on Friday.

The proposal to hike the fares has been approved in principle and is likely to come up for cabinet approval in the next meeting, they said.

The Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said that the government is planning to increase the fares.

The fare hike was necessitated due to the rise in CNG prices, according to the officials. In April of this year, the government had formed a 13-member fare revision committee.

The committee recommended a hike of up to 60 per cent per kilometer for three-wheelers and a hike of up to 60 per cent in the fare of taxis. It submitted its report in May.

The meter down charges will be revised to Rs 30 instead of the earlier base price of Rs 25. After this every kilometre will be charged at Rs 11 instead of 9.50.

The meter down charges for taxis will be Rs 40 instead of Rs 25. For non-AC taxis, the fare will be changed to Rs 17 per kilometer instead of Rs 14 while for AC taxis the fare will be revised to Rs 20 from Rs 16 per kilometer.

The prices of taxis and autorickshaws had already been hiked by app-based aggregators, while there had been no revisions in their prices.

The committee took into account the hike in CNG prices over the last nine years and the increase in prices of spare parts of the vehicles when updating the taxi fares in 2013 and the increase in prices of spare parts of the vehicles, as well as the hike in CNG prices over these nine years.

Based on the recommendations, we will be hiking the fares after Cabinet approval,'' Gahlot told PTI.

The price of CNG has gone up to 75.61 per kg in a span of over six months. It was Rs 52.04 on January 1 of this year.

The committee had travelled in auto-rickshaws and taxis to gauge the mood of the drivers before making its recommendations.

The committee considered other factors like consumer price index, competition with cab aggregators and other factors while making its recommendations, according to the officials.