Greece TV's gas pump pumpback video sparks criticism

Greece TV's gas pump pumpback video sparks criticism

Greece's state TV has sparked criticism over a segment that showed viewers how to siphon gasoline from cars as fuel prices soar.

It is not something terribly complicated you don't need a special tube, even a hose for balconies will do, according to the station s reporter Costas Stamou during ERT's morning news programme Syndeseis.

After showing the method, a car repairman points out where a car's fuel tank can be pierced to steal the contents.

One user commented on Twitter. Another joke: After the tutorial on two ways to steal gasoline, ERT is now preparing new how-tos on how to open locks and steal wallets. A video mixed by the Greek satirical website Luben had been viewed more than 170,000 times by Thursday. The original segment was seen on Twitter by another 32,500.

Fuel prices have risen steadily in Greece in the past few months, with simple unleaded at over €2.37 per litre on Wednesday in Athens and over €2.50 on Rhodes and neighbouring islands.

Greek authorities have resisted calls to cut fuel taxes and instead opt for €30 -- 50 subsidies for less well-off car and motorcycle owners to help ease the burden on their budgets because of the international energy crisis.