Gun recovered after gunfire at Canberra Airport

Gun recovered after gunfire at Canberra Airport

A gunman has been arrested at Canberra Airport after firing shots inside the terminal.

ACT policing said a person was taken into custody and a gun recovered after Sunday afternoon slaying. There have been no injuries reported.

Police were called to the airport around 1.30 pm after reports of gunshots. Parts of the airport were locked down while others were evacuated. Planes were grounded.

ACT policing said the situation was contained.

One person was taken into custody and a gun recovered, they said in a statement about 3 pm.

CCTV has been reviewed and the person in custody is believed to be the only person responsible for the incident. The Canberra airport terminal was evacuated as a precaution and the situation at the airport is contained.

ACT policing requires members of the public not to attend the airport at this time. The man fired shots into the air near the check-in area, witnesses told Guardian Australia and posted on social media. The man was arrested by federal police after he was taken into custody.

One witness reported hearing eight to 10 gunshots, while others said it was fewer. It was reported that it was chaotic with people racing out of the terminal in a stampede. A large contingent of police were at Canberra Airport on Sunday afternoon with armed AFP officers barring the doors. There were at least a dozen police vehicles with hundreds of people gathering outside the terminal.

One family told Guardian Australia they heard shooting near the Qantas terminal, suggesting up to 10 shots were fired.

They told us run, run. It was very scary, one man, who refused to give his name, said.

ABC reporter Dan Bourchier was on the tarmac at the time and said the plane was held as police performed a security sweep. Four bullet holes could be seen in three large glass windows on the second floor of the airport's terminal.

Some footage of police restraining a man has emerged:

Helen, who was flying to Melbourne with her husband, said she saw a man shooting in the air not far from the check-in counter. She described the man as middle-aged, clean cut and holding a pistol. She said she heard about six shots.

She said security just said run, run, so we all ran outside.

Another witness, who declined to give his name, said he was putting his property through the security X-ray machine when the shooting started. Security guards yelled at people to leave their items and run. The man said he was worried about getting his phone and wallet back.

Other witnesses claimed they had heard of no announcement or alarm over the PA system, and complained there was a lack of immediate information.

One woman said that people were being knocked over. The police are expected to give another update later on Sunday.