Hakuna Matata joins forces with German firm Hardcastle Petrofer

Hakuna Matata joins forces with German firm Hardcastle Petrofer

Chennai Tamil Nadu India January 11, 2011 ANI BusinessWire India Founded in 2011, Hakuna Matata is a leading digital transformation solution provider for Manufacturing, Distribution Logistics firms. Hakuna Matata develops mission-critical business applications that enable enterprises to improve their operational efficiency and sales. They offer Industry 4.0 solutions that span across connected man, machines and materials, digital supply chains, process digitization, and preventive maintenance solutions.

By deploying their easy-to adapt customized solutions, manufacturing and logistics firms can stay ahead of changing market demands and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Hakuna Matata wants to shorten implementation time and scale further by using the funds to build the digital solutions frameworks to meet the increasing market needs. Funds will be used to improve their IIOT product offerings to tap the Industry 4.0 global market.

Despite the huge benefits provided by Industry 4.0, adoption of IIoT Digital Transformation by manufacturing companies is still in its nascent stage. The complexity, multi-systems technologies landscape and scarcity of digital talent are making it hard for manufacturing companies to implement Industry 4.0. COVID 19 is pushing the manufacturing sector to increase its focus on digital transformation.

With the ever-increasing need for digitization automation for manufacturing enterprises, we are confident that our partnership with Hardcastle Petrofer will enable us to scale faster, owing to the synergistic skill sets of two firms that are passionate about the application of technology in manufacturing, said Gengarajan PV, CEO, Hakuna Matata Solutions.

Hardcastle Petrofer is an unparalleled mixture of an Indian company and a German company, both of which have served their respective industries for over half a century. They have pioneered efforts in their long-term market presence in Indian metal processing oils and chemicals, which supply key automotive and engineering industries. The Company has a philosophy of customer focus, continuous improvement, and dedication of its personnel that is the result of the excellence of its product range.

Investing in Industry 4.0 IIoT is a no-brainer for manufacturing companies as it allows for significant benefits and efficiencies. From our experience of implementing Industry 4.0 solutions, we know that companies will find great value in adopting this technology sooner than later. Hakuna Matata have demonstrated their deep knowledge in the sector through technology solutions delivered to their customers. Achal Jatia, Chairman of Hardcastle Petrofer Private Limited, said, "I believe that by pooling the passion, experience and talents of our digital ecosystem partners, we will make a powerful combine."

By investing in a number of potential non-competing Digital Technologies startups, we are creating a unique Digital Ecosystem for IIoT technologies. The investment in Hakuna Matata is an important part of our Digital Transformation offerings, said Rajiv Vermani, CEO Digital Automation, Hardcastle Petrofer Private Limited.

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