Healthy breakfast and smoothie bowls for the week

Healthy breakfast and smoothie bowls for the week

Eat well in the morning to start the day right. The importance of a healthy breakfast can't be stressed enough. During the week, everyone should focus on eating healthy food because weekends are usually cheated when it comes to food. Start the weekday with protein-heavy meals to stay full and energetic. One can always opt for a convenient and nutritious granola bar or granola power bowl, which is a mix of granola, yogurt, fresh cut fruits, with a drizzle of honey.

Nothing can go wrong with a quick, easy parfait loaded with berries or seasonal fruits. Adding chia seeds may release its goodness of protein, fiber and Omega-3. For high fiber content, you can add nuts to good fats and oats. Transform crackers into healthy bites with a few simple changes. Take ragi or semolina crackers and top with healthy plant-based spreads like hummus and sprinkle with saut ed mushrooms. One can try beetroot, spinach or basil hummus, or pureed eggs. Use sourdough bread which can act as a pre-biotic and help in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

A bowl of seasonal fruits is the best way to start the day. It is toss with herbs and walnuts. A fruit-based breakfast can keep one energetic throughout the day, along with the anti-inflammatory goodness of herbs and the richness of walnuts.

An avocado toast or peaches and rosemary focaccia bread stuffed with eggs and greens is an alternative to this. There is no specific time when you can eat a sandwich. You can start your day with a high-protein sandwich and get a lot of fat from meat, egg, or plant-based fats like avocado. This is an easy, healthy breakfast for any day of the week. This is a crunchy, delicious sandwich, packed with the high nutritional value from fresh vegetables, with the sweet-tangy flavour of sundried tomatoes. You can use bread.

A rich, fruit smoothie topped with cut fruits, granola and honey. A smoothie bowl mixed with fruits, granola, and a dash of honey is the best way to end the week. Pick seasonal fruit for smoothie bowls because they are a good source of fiber, protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to start your day.