Here is the latest Ukraine news from the EU

Here is the latest Ukraine news from the EU

It's Wednesday, April 27. Good morning. Ukraine accused Russia of trying to drag neighbouring Moldova's breakaway region of Transdniestria into its war after authorities in the Moscow-backed region said they had been targeted by a series of attacks.

Transdniestria, a sliver of land bordering southwestern Ukraine, said explosions had damaged two radio masts that broadcast in Russian and that one of its military units had been attacked.

It provided few details but blamed Ukraine, raising its threat level to red and introducing checkpoints around its towns, as well as introducing checkpoints around its towns.

In other Ukraine news overnight:

Vladimir Putin has agreed 'in principle' to evacuate civilians from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, allowing UN and Red Cross involvement after UN chief Antonio Guterres met the Russian leader overnight. The UN says that follow-on discussions will now be held with the Russian defence ministry.

Russia's Gazprom will suspend gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria after asking for nations to pay in roubles. Europe depends on Russia for approximately 40 per cent of its natural gas, with most of it being transported by pipeline.

Germany will provide Ukraine with heavy weapons, including 50 anti-aircraft tanks, to defend itself against Russian attacks, in a major U-turn. Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor, has not been willing to provide Ukraine with weapons, fearing it could spark a military confrontation between NATO and Russia.

One thing you will be hearing about today is inflation.

The inflation will rise from 3.5 per cent to about 5 per cent, according to economists. It put more pressure on the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates.

Here's what economist Peter Martin has said about the inflation level, which we haven't seen for a while.

Here's what that looks like as a graph thanks to GST coming in, but the rates have been pretty low for a long time. Let's get you up to speed.

Novak Djokovic can play at Wimbledon and defend his title this year after organisers confirmed that COVID vaccination won't be mandatory for players. Russian and Belarusian players, including world number two Daniil Medvedev, will not be allowed to compete because of the invasion of Ukraine.

US Vice-President Kamala Harris has tested positive for COVID but the White House said she had no symptoms Neither President Joe Biden nor first lady Jill Biden are considered close contact. Australia is searching for a candidate for COVID but the White House said she had no symptoms.

Josh Frydenberg: That is the news from last night that Guide Dogs Victoria has stood down CEO Karen Hayes pending an independent investigation into her political endorsement of the treasurer.

Ja Morant: The Memphis Grizzlies basketball player gave his most improved player award to breakout second-year guard and teammate Desmond Bane : he said he'd come in fifth for the award, but he was not having any of it:

One more thing: Bodycam footage shows moments after fatal Rust shooting.

Alec Baldwin's initial questioning by police has been released as part of an investigation into the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

A gun Baldwin was holding a live round that struck her in the chest and lodged in the shoulder of film director Joel Souza, who survived the gunshot wound.

Baldwin asks the police if it's a rock or bullet in the director's shoulder:

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