Here's everything you need to know about Brexit

Here's everything you need to know about Brexit

The negotiations between Northern Ireland and the EU have been a sticking point since the days of the Brexit referendum in July 2016. The only border with the EU is a complicated one for political and social reasons, with a need to remain in the UK single market, but without a border between Europe and the rest of the UK. What can I do to solve this problem has been debated, negotiated and fought over for years now? This week the UK unveiled some new rhetoric and the UK issued a firm package of proposals - here's everything you need to know.

The European Commission launched a package of ideas to solve the Northern Ireland border issue. The EU has repeatedly said that it is not willing to fully renegotiate the protocol, which was agreed in the 2019 Brexit Withdrawal Agreement - but said this new set of proposals makes renegotiation unnecessary. The document issued covers four areas and sees the EU offering to reduce about 80 percent of goods and about 50 percent of paperwork. No debates up for debate. EU mask slips - Romanian speech exposes fake plot : Sefcovic speech exposes EU mask.

Food products cannot be checked while leaving Northern Ireland to Great Britain (Ireland). A reduction in compulsory administration for Northern Ireland importers Expanded TRUST TRAVEL arrangements mean more products and companies exempt from customs tariffs. Changes to existing laws to ensure there is no disruption to the movement of medicines across the Irish Sea by allowing Great Britain to continue acting as a hub for the supply of generic medicines in Northern Ireland. Raoul Ruparel, a former Brexit adviser to ex-U., is still a Democrat. The Chief Minister of the European Union, Theresa May, said the proposals are definitely enough to start negotiations and include massive improvements to key issues. But there are still a few points where the two sides could disagree. Sturgeon shot down Vicky Price's dream of independence Video Brexit Live: There should be a hardball game! RILE: EU splintering as fury erupts BLOG Emily Thornberry lashes out at Truss for 'photo ops' on last 3rds? The European Commission says it believes it will take a few weeks for the UK to come forward with the proposals and begin discussions. An EU official said: I think that both sides would want by the end of this year to have an understanding how this protocol should work. The EU has said it wants to keep the dialogue open and allow for further negotiations. An official said: We are not presenting these proposals to the UK Government as a take-it and leave-it package. We want them to feed into our discussions over the coming weeks.