Here’s what went wrong in 2022 election campaign

Here’s what went wrong in 2022 election campaign

A debate, a crash and a COVID-forced absence grabbed headlines in Australian politics this week, as Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison made their pitches to voters.

Here's a look back at some of the images that stood out during the second week of the 2022 federal election campaign.

All eyes on the leaders are on the leaders.

The Labor and Coalition leaders remained the focus of the campaign throughout the week, with their fellow politicians keeping a watchful eye on the pair.

Scott Morrison continued to tour the country, appearing in front of the cameras from Western Australia to Queensland.

Leaders go head-to-head at the Gabba.

The initial debate of the campaign was made headlines, with Mr Albanese accusing Mr Morrison of an outrageous slur when the Prime Minister claimed that the Labor leader was taking China's side on the issue of national security in the Pacific.

Morrison later apologised for a comment he made on the night, saying he did not mean to cause offence for saying he was blessed not to have a child with a disability.

Albanese's week on the hustings ended much earlier than expected when he tested positive for COVID - 19 on Thursday. The result stopped him from making appearances in the flesh, but he still appeared in front of the media via video call.

Albanese's test result wasn't the only big Labor news on Thursday. A car crashed into Griffith MP Terri Butler's office earlier in the day. The police believe that the incident was not politically motivated.

Labor frontbenchers came up to the plate in his absence and appeared before the media to respond to questions, despite Mr Albanese isolating on Friday.