Here's what you can save if you book a flight

Here's what you can save if you book a flight

Expedia has published a list of hacks that are meant to help consumers save money and ease stress in 2022.

In collaboration with the Airlines Reporting Corporation, Expedia narrowed down the best days and times for booking flights, traveling in general and what splurge on in the upcoming year?

Expedia recommends travelers buy plane tickets weeks in advance. The best time to book a domestic flight is between 28 and 38 days before departure. International flights, on the other hand, should be booked three to four months in advance if you want to get the best rate possible.

According to Expedia, travelers can maximize their savings if they book their flight on a Sunday. The company said travelers who do this typically save around 5% on international flights and 10% on domestic flights.

When it comes down to domestic departure days, leaving on a Monday tends to save domestic travelers more than 15%. Thursdays tend to save international travelers more than 5%.

If you re open to restricting your travel to the time of year when you can save the most money, Expedia says domestic travelers could save up to 10% if they book a flight in January. International travelers can save nearly 20% if they book a flight in August.

Just like flight bookings, time plays a factor in hotel rates. According to Expedia, booking a domestic hotel on a Monday could result in a discount that s more than 15%. Booking an international hotel on a Tuesday could result in a discount that s nearly 10%.

If further savings are desired, Expedia says it could be worthwhile to look at hotels that aren t five stars. Expedia reports that travelers saved nearly 45% on average when they chose a five-star property over a four-star one. Similarly, the travel company says travelers who chose a four-star property over a three-star property saved around 30%.

While the monetary savings sound promising, don t forget to check travel reviews and refund terms before you commit to booking an accommodation.

Bundling your travel bookings usually results in significant savings, which could include flights, hotels and car rentals. According to Expedia internal data, U.S. travelers have saved up to 10% on average when they bundled flights and hotels in one transaction.

The travel company also recommends opting for non-refundable travel arrangements over refundable ones for the flexibility it offers. Expedia cited the ongoing coronavirus pandemic's unpredictability as a reason for seeking added security. Refundable travel plans cost around 15% more than non-refundable travel plans.

At this point in time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends unvaccinated groups to avoid unessential travel due to the state of COVID - 19 pandemic. If travel can t be avoided, the health agency urges unvaccinated groups to take precautions, including frequent mask wear, protective distancing and protective handwashing.

Many of these precautions are suggested to vaccinated travelers as well in high-traffic public spaces. The travel industry anticipates a boom in demand for 2022, including vacation rental service Evolve and marketing tech company Zeta Pulse, which both published travel forecasts for the upcoming year.