High school student uses NFT to spread awareness about Ukraine

High school student uses NFT to spread awareness about Ukraine

Daisy Lan, a high school student at California's Mountain View Academy MVA, has just released one of the first philanthropic NFT drops fully launched within a high school's borders. The collection's proceeds will be fully donated to over 6,000 displaced students from over 2,000 schools in Ukraine. This monumental event was a chance to spread awareness about the situation in Ukraine, as well as prove the benefits of using the technology to achieve full transparency, for Lan.

A study found that the NFT market is expected to reach $231 billion by 2030, up from $3.0 billion in 2022. I saw how much money people my age are making on NFTs, but I wanted to prove that NFTs can also be used to do good in the world. During his high school career, lan saw the rise of the NFTs as a global phenomenon, with billions of dollars transacted and thousands of artists finding a new source of income and fandom. NFT creators have the ability to protect their art as it is memorialized on the blockchain.

Lan said that they wanted to see if other people could benefit from this technology while honoring the artist by using their creativity for a good cause.

While Lan s project was to create a platform where students and their community could donate to a good cause, doing this meant drafting multiple proposals, rallying fellow students and teaching others about what an NFT can do.

Lan has completed multiple courses from institutions like Princeton and MIT, while working diligently to get into a university where she can continue her academic pursuits and cultivate her desire to be a positive influence in her community.

Lan will graduate this year, but not before she's done making a difference at MVA and for others who are seemingly a world away. She hopes that the concept will catch fire in California and that other students will follow suit, innovating ways to serve others.

Projects like Lan can show the reach of NFTs, not just for personal gain, but to enhance and improve a world that we find ourselves more connected by each day.

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