Hindus try to escape Kashmir, Taipei commemorates Tiananmen Square

Hindus try to escape Kashmir, Taipei commemorates Tiananmen Square

Hindus try to escape Kashmir and Taipei commemorates Tiananmen Square.

Hundreds of Hindu families have fled the Kashmir region in recent weeks due to a spike in targeted militant attacks. Three Hindus were killed last week, including a teacher who was shot down outside her school. Many more wish to leave when militant attacks led to a Hindu exodus, as they see disturbing echoes of the 1980 s and 1990s. Some are demanding that the government transfer their jobs and families to safer places outside the majority Muslim region.

But the Kashmiri Hindus are protesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration, who they say have erected blockades around their neighborhoods. Like many previous Indian governments, Modi has portrayed the Hindu presence as an example of the restive Himalayan region's stability. A mass exodus would hardly support that narrative. In the year 2019, Modi dissolved Kashmir's elected government and revoked its semiautonomous status. Since then, India s government has clamped down on dissent. The renewed wave of targeted killings is an apparent retaliation for the policy, according to Kashmiri Hindu organizations. History: India and Pakistan have disputed Kashmir since the end of British rule in 1947. A Kashmiri separatist movement targeted the region's Hindus in the late 1980s. After a mass exodus, the government encouraged Kashmiri Hindus to return by offering them government jobs and payments for buying or rebuilding homes.

On June 4, 1989, Chinese soldiers destroyed the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing. After the most important game of our lives, Ukraine s World Cup journey ends. A Russian strike in the east damages homes and a church.

Ukraine's soccer team is about to play for a place in the World Cup. This year, the city held no vigil: China smothered dissent by smothering dissent put an end to the annual gathering. It banned the June 4 vigil in 2020, though many people defied the ban and again last year cited Covid 19 restrictions.

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, has long resisted China's claims of sovereignty, and has emerged as a new center for remembrance. Crowds mourned the people who died in Beijing 33 years ago, and the erasure of political freedoms in Hong Kong and the victims of China's draconian policies in Xinjiang and Tibet. After Hong Kong s pro-democracy protests, Beijing imposed a sweeping national security law in 2020. Since then, the local government has essentially banned public commemorations of the 1989 killings, which has wiped out a student-led protest movement calling for democratic change in China. Immigrants: In the U.K., former residents of Hong Kong are settling in but longing for the city they left behind.