Hiroshima peace clock counts days since nuclear test reset

Hiroshima peace clock counts days since nuclear test reset

The peace clock monument in Hiroshima that counts the number of days since the last nuclear test was reset after the city learned the United States conducted two subcritical nuclear tests last year.

On Wednesday the number on the clock at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was changed from 499 to 209 after revelations that two experiments had been conducted on June 22 and Sept. 16 last year in Nevada.

The first such tests were under the administration of President Joe Biden and formed part of three successive tests, according to the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration.

The first was conducted in November 2020, under President Donald Trump, when the clock was last reset.

Takuo Takigawa, director of the museum, said it was very disappointing to learn of the U.S. tests amid a global situation where the risk of nuclear weapons use is a concern. The 3.1 meter-tall clock was donated by a pacifist organization to the museum in 2001 on the 56th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of the city, in the hope of reducing the number of nuclear tests.