Hong Kong chief expresses grief over passing of former Secretary for Security

Hong Kong chief expresses grief over passing of former Secretary for Security

HONG KONG - Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiuLee Ka-chiu expressed deep sorrow over the passing of former Secretary for Security Ambrose S K Lee.

The chief executive extended his deepest condolences to Lee's family in a statement issued on Sunday afternoon. The city's former security chief passed away in his sleep. He was 73, according to local media.

In 1998 he was appointed the director of immigration and the commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 2002. He was appointed Secretary of State for Security in 2003, a position he held until June 30, 2012.

Mr. Ambrose S K Lee was a senior officer that I respected. The chief executive said he was deeply impressed by his dedication to serving the people of Hong Kong when I worked with him in various positions in the past.

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I am deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Ambrose S K Lee. On behalf of the government of HKSAR, I extend my deepest condolences to his family. I will sorely miss Mr Ambrose S K Lee, he added.

He noted that Lee continued to serve the public by becoming a Special Administrative Region deputy to the 12th National People's Congress between 2013 and 2018.

The chief executive said that he commanded the respect and love of government colleagues and those in the community who had worked with him.

Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung also mourned Lee's passing and extended his deepest condolences to Mr Lee's family.

For more than 30 years, he gave dedicated services to the government and Hong Kong residents, making tremendous contributions, he said.

He took charge of the work in relation to security for a long period of time and made exemplary efforts in the maintenance of law and order and exercise effective and efficient immigration and customs control, earning the respect of people both inside and outside the government. On behalf of all ICAC colleagues, I would like to express our deepest condolences to his family. The ICAC partnered with Interpol to organize the Second ICAC Symposium under the leadership of Mr Lee between 2002 and 2003.

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ICAC colleagues will remember Lee as a humble gentleman and a determined leader with vision.