Hong Kong reports 5,990 new COVID-19 cases

Hong Kong reports 5,990 new COVID-19 cases

On Thursday, HONG KONG Hong Kong reported 5,990 new COVID 19 infections, as local health authorities said a gradual downward trend of the epidemic suggested that the fifth wave might have peaked.

Albert Au, the principal medical and health officer at the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, said at a press conference that the new cases comprise 5,827 local infections and 163 imported ones.

Au said that the fifth wave of the pandemic may have peaked as the seven-day moving average of cases fell to below 7,000 last week from more than 10,000 in early September.

Au said that the 5 subvariant accounts for 78.36 percent of the city's new cases. He said that if the percent reaches 80 percent, local infections will reach a plateau and the pandemic situation will be stabilized.

HK logs 8,187 new COVID 19 cases, six deaths and HK logs 8.187 new COVID 19 cases.

It will depend on the vaccine coverage and infection numbers to decide whether or not the government will relax COVID restrictions.

When asked by a reporter if the government will cut quarantine time for inbound travelers, he said that the overriding principle is whether it can identify positive cases quickly.

He said that the government will announce any new decisions as soon as possible.

He said that among the 163 imported cases 58 were detected at the airport, 57 at quarantine hotels or centers, 45 at community centers and five after the traveler's quarantine period was over.

The UK, the Philippines, the US and Thailand each reported more than 10 cases, with the imported cases coming from 40 countries.

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520 schools reported a total of 746 cases, involving 636 students and 110 teaching staff, with 18 schools having to suspend one class because of clusters.

At the same time, Gladys Kwan, chief manager Medical Grade of the Hospital Authority, said most residents are fit for COVID vaccination. She called for those who are not fit for the vaccine to seek medical advice instead of purchasing fake medical exemption certificates.

17 more COVID patients aged 55 to 99 have passed away, according to Kwan. Twelve of them had yet to complete the COVID vaccine course.

She said that there are 2,290 COVID-patients being treated in public hospitals, including 245 new admissions. Forty-nine of them are in critical condition, including 20 under intensive care, while 41 are in serious condition.