Hotels demand cut in VAT, rates

Hotels demand cut in VAT, rates

The reality is that big ticket items are down and people are trading down from premium goods to value goods and cutting back on spending now.

Colin Wilkinson, managing director of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association SLTA, said this pressure was felt across the hospitality sector and described the Bank of England's interest rate hike as very unwelcome The industry benefited greatly from the VAT cut in the pandemic and Eat Out To Help Out was successful. We don't have that now, so we'd like to see a cut in VAT for the licensee hospitality sector and a complete review of business rates. He said that the Scottish government has put in about 3 billion dollars worth of support for low paid families and we would call on the UK government to do something similar.

A Treasury spokesman said the UK government had been behind the hospitality sector over the outbreak with a 400 billion package of economy-wide support that saved millions of jobs and provided a lifeline to thousands of night-time businesses up and down the country.